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At the core of our firm’s philosophy, Coaly Design strives to encourage the proper stewardship of the land, while acknowledging that landscapes are dynamic, ever-changing expressions of the Earth.

Coaly Design believes that the team approach to the development of a project is the key to a successful solution. By working closely with clients, consultants, and the community during a project, the firm is able to facilitate a responsive and thorough analysis of the project objectives and goals into practical implementation.

Coaly Design is also committed to incorporating principles of sustainable design and development into every project. Part of the firm’s commitment to the stewardship of the land includes a high level of environmental awareness regarding a project’s site-specific and contextual impact. By respecting the dynamic character and sensitivities of the land and its history, Coaly Design is able to apply the timeless principles that govern good design and construction to safeguard the land’s passage to future generations.

Coaly Design is a certified Women-Owned Business in the State of North Carolina and approved as a Private Consulting Firm with the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

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